© 2006 ALAEDDIN Building


Built up area 4 151.60 m2
Open built up area 4 943.85 m 2

The building is constructed in Sofia, Stopanski dvor place in Trebich village, quarter 52, regulated land property IV 588, 590.
A one-storey building functioning as a warehouse with all necessary service premises is constructed. There will be a partial two-storey section, added in the total volume.
Storage and dispatching of home equipment are the main functions of the building.

The building is accessible from all sides and parking place for the personnel and customers are provided.
Different premises are provided in the building:
- Storages for different products;
- Depot;
- Offices;
- Coffee shop;
- Different types of loading platforms;
- Elevators, stairs and corridors;

Utilized materials:
- Flooring- granite-grease in the offices, covering with cement basis, put by helicopter in the storage premises.
- Inside walls brandmoures from gas-concrete bricks, supported by steel-concrete columns and belts.
- Outside walls aluminum sandwich panels.
- Joinery PVC with glass-package.
- Lighting luminescent lamps.

- The main framework is full-walled, one-storey, three-opening cross-piece up-grade with openings ( 17750+19000+17750).
- The under-roof covering is supported by beams parallel to the roof. The covering supporting construction is of steel.