© 2006 ALAEDDIN Building


Built up area 960 m2
Open built up area 3 300 m2
Built up volume 11 700 m3

Trade and business center Aladin is built in Sofia at 119 Europe blvd.
The building is luxury; modern and mainly imported materials have been used for it. The faade is hanging type, semi-structural, with aluminum joinery and colorful glass-package.
It consists of two buildings. The low building includes first and second floor, where a big company shop for home equipment of Elite Company is situated.

The high building is the administrative part of the building, which consists of six floors. The front office is located on the ground floor on three levels.
A panoramic-view elevator, which goes out of the glaze-part of the lobby, goes outside along the faade in a glass lift-shaft to the last floor, connects the floors. The roof is flat with the necessary heat and hydro insulation.